Sunday, 29 November 2015

Elhaz ‎– The Black Flame (1997)

Country: Germany

1. Pilgrimage 01:47
2. Glory 04:22
3. Desertion 05:54
4. Heedless 03:30
5. Blessed 09:11
6. Bloodthrone 06:12
7. Nailed 08:43
8. Devil 08:56
9. Terminus 06:48

Elhaz was a short-lived side project by Phallus Dei members.
The band released only one album in 1997 through the German Memento Mori label.
Their album is full of intense neo classical and dark industrial anthems,
with influences from pagan folk with deep vocals, all revealing the groups true Satanic soul.
Very forceful and majestic filled with many movie samples and inspiring pounding rhythms.
The track "Devil" contains also some vocal contributions by Diamanda Galas.

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