Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mynox Layh ‎– Intra In Caelum (1990)

Country: Germany

1. Nie Wieder Politik 03:01
2. Take A Picture 03:19
3. Mynox Lai 04:15
4. Absolve Nos 03:41
5. Short Way 03:56
6. Save The Ania 03:57
7. Elia 02:39
8. Phantom's Life 03:56
9. Steinern 03:39
10. Illuminated 03:43
11. Turn Of Stage 06:57
12. Ecstasize 03:23
13. Ich Bin Mein Hirte 06:17

A shrouded-in-mystery industrial project hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, 
the trio Mynox Layh was musically active during the years 1990-1995. 
In this period, the band released a series of critically acclaimed albums, 
which featured a cross-over of bombastic film music, neo-classical arrangements, 
martial percussion and avant-garde sample-collages.
While their sound bears similarity with bombastic industrial acts such as Laibach,  
Einstürzende Neubauten, SPK or Test Dept.,
Mynox Layh deployed their very own atmosphere by introducing a surrealistic, cheek-in-tongue form of irony. 
After the band's demise, some band members pursued a solo career, most prominently Andreas Resch.

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