Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Vatican's Children ‎– Satan (1994)

Country: Austria

1. Satan 06:26
2. Rigor Mortis 06:04
3. Ice-Machine 04:50
4. The End Of The Road 05:00
5. Darkside 04:00
6. The Shadow 04:15
7. The Way 02:30
8. A Fragment 01:49
9. We Have Nothing To Do With... 05:05
10. Try It 02:31
11. Das 7. Siegel 07:49

Vatican's Children was a darkwave band from Austria, formed by Andrej Nuncic and T.Lament in 1994.
Everything started with a band named L.A.A., formed by Andrej, Alzbeth and Albin Julius in 1991, 
they played two concerts and recorded some tracks in studio. 
After too many understanding problems, Alzbeth and Albin formed The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud 
and Andrej departed to form Vatican's Children with T.Lament, a member of the pre-L.A.A. project called Gods Gift.
Nihal, E.Win and also Godot (Projekt Angst) did some session with them.

The band released two albums, "Satan" and "Secrets...", 
and a compilation, "Over The Bridges Of Time", with unreleased and old recording sessions material.
They decided to end the project in the year 2000 and started a new one with the name Swallowredrain.
In 2006 they released their first album as Swallowredrain entitled "Nocturne".


  1. ... great spheric sound... but you have to take your time to explore this sound world...

    1. Most of this kind of releases require a repetitive number of listening, as they are not so easy to the ear, but i want to believe that in the end you are rewarded by the result.Thanx for your comment!