Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Nature And Organisation – Beauty Reaps The Blood Of Solitude (1994)

Country: England

1. Introduction 02:54
2. Wicker Man Song 04:33
3. Blood Of Solitude I 01:17
4. Bloodstreamruns 04:38
5. My Black Diary 05:26
6. Tears For An Eastern Girl 05:41
7. Beauty Destroyed 01:34
8. Skeletontonguedworld 03:01
9. Obsession Flowers As Torture 01:51
10. Blood Of Solitude II 01:52
11. Bonewhiteglory 09:46

Nature And Organisation was formed by English composer and musician Michael Cashmore in the early 80's. 
The music of the band is characterized by a mix of acoustic, classical 
and folk structures met with abrasive electronic instrumentation.
Cashmore has also been a member of the group Current 93 since the late 1980s 
and wrote most of the music after the departure of Douglas Pearce in the 1990s.
For several years
he had been experimenting with a mix of acoustic instruments, tape recorders and super 8mm film 
and in 1983 the name Nature And Organisation was first used for a small series of live performances and recordings. 
The recording of early material was primarily made using a 4 track tape machine 
with only a small ammount of works recorded in professional studios. 
It was only much later, in 1994, that the first proper release was made available. 
This was the album "Beauty Reaps The Blood Of Solitude" which featured vocals and texts by Douglas Pearce,  
David Tibet, Rose McDowall and also Steven Stapleton on guitars. 
This was followed in the same year by the 4 track EP "A Dozen Summers Against The World".
After joining Current 93 Nature And Organisation became more of a side project for
and the final album "Death In A Snow Leopard Winter", a collection of instrumental pieces, was released in 1998.



  1. this is truly a lovely one...My Black Diary is my favorite track

    1. Yeah...great track, it could easily fit in a DIJ album.