Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Dunkelheit ‎– Obey (1995)

Country: Norway

1. Untitled 00:16
2. Soulscape Fading 10:13
3. Untitled 00:17
4. Finding the Way 01:50
5. Untitled 00:49
6. Separate Ways 06:13
7. LRB9-51 00:53
8. Thrive 05:49
9. Untitled 00:31
10. Conformity Control 02:26
11. Anarchaoz 03:38
12. Untitled 00:05
13. Solitary Survival 03:26
14. On and On 05:09
15. Untitled 00:13
16. True Believers In False Prophets (Origami Replika) 03:57
17. Technol 03:41
18. Untitled 00:23
19. Lozt Love (Origami Replika) 01:22
20. Chorus of Contemplation 04:51
21. Untitled 00:26
22. Munchscape 15:24
23. Untitled 00:11

Dunkelheit (aka Dunkel:heit) started out in the summer of '92 as a part-time industrial-style project 
containing members from the industrial metal band Red Harvest.
After recording some songs, they decided to keep going and started recruiting more members.
Around a year later they recorded a demo on an 8-track recorder.
Instead of pushing their demo heavily around, they band started playing around with the idea of doing a compilation CD. 
The CD, entitled "The Reincarnation Of The Sun", was released in February 1994 by Dunkel Prod. 
and contained (mostly) exclusive material from Red Harvest, Anstalt, Valhall, Dunkelheit, Remyl, Piledriver and Humid.
Shortly after this release, Suggestion Records got in touch with the band and offered a deal for a 7" EP. 

"More Than Meets The Third Eye" was recorded with four new songs and released in the summer of '94.
Pleased with the result of this 7" EP, Suggestion offered a deal for a full-length CD.
The material was recorded in March '95, and the CD "Obey" was released in the end of the summer '95.
Since then the project was put on hold.



  1. I've been curious to hear this one ever since I read about Dunkelheit on the Ornament 'zine back in late '95 but somehow never crossed paths with the album before. Well, 20 years isn't too bad a time to wait yet, is it? Thanks!

    1. Well you know what they say...better late than never...