Sunday, 29 March 2015

Golden Dawn ‎– The Art Of Dreaming (1996)

Country: Austria

1. Ideosynchronicity 03:09
2. The Art Of Dreaming 04:21
3. Nothing But The Wind 06:42
4. My Confession To War 04:19
5. Sub Specie Aeternitatis 04:18
6. The Majesty Of My Kingdom Afar 07:09
7. The Sorcery Of The Nagual Side 03:52
8. Per Aspera Ad Astra 08:13
9. Beyond The Mortal Shell 06:18

Golden Dawn is an Austrian band formed by Stefan Traunmüller (aka Dreamlord), 
originally as a one-man black metal project, in 1992. 
After a demo and one split release the band attracted the attention of two influential Austrian metallists, 
Ray Wells of Pazuzu and Martin Schirenc of Pungent Stench and Hollenthon
which led to a compilation appearance and eventually a recording contract with Dark Matter Records.
Traunmüller recorded his debut album, The Art of Dreaming, while still a one-man band, 
but with session help from Thomas Tannenberger of Abigor and Martin Schirenc.
The blend of medieval-sounding keyboards, harsh black metal with blast beats and high screams 
and some dreamy ambient parts was very innovative at that time.
Dark Matter soon folded, however, and it was not until seven years later that the band, 
now consisting of four members, recorded its next album, Masquerade, with Napalm Records.
In January 2012, the new album, Return To Provenance, was released on Non Serviam Records.



  1. I just ran a kind of large interview with Stefan Traunmuller recently. Creative, humble guy. Have you heard any of the newer, remastered demo reissues?

    1. Just read it :-)
      Very interesting indeed!Thanx for the heads up!
      As for the reissues yes i am aware of them and i must give Stefan the thumbs up for giving the chance to hear all this obscure old creations through his bandcamp page.
      Apeiron, Vanitas and Auryn demos are excellent stuff!

    2. He told me in private that he has been working on a new, "old ways dungeon synth" project. Pretty excited!