Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Nema / Mordulv ‎– Way Of Salvation / Ateulv 666 (Split 7'' EP 1998)

Country: Germany / Denmark

 1. Nema – Way Of Salvation 07:15
2. Mordulv – Mayhemic Beast Of Destruction 03:27
3. Mordulv – Nine Black Enlightened Circles Of Infernal Doom 05:13

 Nema was a black metal band from Germany formed in 1993.
The band consisted of Traumatic (also in Witchburner, Bloody Revenge, Hellish Crossfire) and Pendragon.
They released a split with Moonblood and one with Mordulv.
Hailing from Denmark, black metal band Mordulv, featuring Nidhug and Exmortem personnel, 
released three demos between '96 and '98 as well a split single with Nema.
The band is currently active and signed to Iron Bonehead Productions.



  1. I love the Nema track here, not even sure why I'm so fond of it but it's easily my favourite from anything Traumatic has ever done.

    1. Yeah amazing track, repetitive but it got that hypnotic feeling that haunts you immediately.

    2. Well said. I loved it immediately right after the first listen years ago. Enough actually to hunt down a copy of the EP. The Mordulv side is okayish too I suppose.

      I actually have an unreleased Nema track that I should probably post. Not as good as this one, though, and I'm not quite sure what it was meant for, if anything.

  2. Thanks for sharing!, is really difficult to find this.

    1. Any time! Thanx for your comment!