Thursday, 11 December 2014

Deinonychus ‎– The Silence Of December (1995)

Country: Netherlands

1. Intro - Black Sun 01:53
2. I, Ruler of Paradise in Black 06:30
3. The Silence of December 04:32
4. The Final Affliction of Xafan 10:22
5. A Shining Blaze over Darkland 06:18
6. Under the Autumn Tree 07:07
7. Here Lies My Kingdom 07:38
8. My Travels Through the Midnight Sky 07:33
9. Red Is My Blood... Cold Is My Heart 05:55
10. Outro - Bizarre Landscape 02:05

Deinonychus is a Dutch black metal band with doom influences that formed in 1992 by Marco Kehren.
Kehren also provided vocals for the German band Bethlehem between 1996-1997, 
while Bethlehem bassist and lyricist Jürgen Bartsch joined Deinonychus in 2005.
The first three albums and the early demos released feature Kehren on all instruments and vocals.
In 1999's "Deinonychus" album drummer William Sarginson from Cradle Of Filth added to the band, 
also keyboard player Arkdae aka Fabien Pereira (Seth, Dark Sanctuary & Osculum Infame
& bassist Stafford Glover joined and 2002's "Mournument" was recorded with a full line up.
Deinonychus announced that they disbanded in September 2008.
Marco Kehren nowadays runs a martial industrial band by the name of Nihil Novi Sub Sole.
In 2011 the band has reunited to record the follow-up to "Warfare Machines".


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