Monday, 17 November 2014

Frozen Shadows ‎– Dans Les Bras Des Immortels (1999)

Country: Canada

1. Dans Les Bras Des Immortels 09:23
2. Forsaken Whispers 04:17
3. Beyond The Pallid Vales 07:31
4. Of Pain And Insufferable Torment 04:14
5. Au Seuil des Ténèbres 04:30
6. Lunes Funèbres 09:52
7. Under Horrid Skies 07:38

Frozen Shadows was invoked in late 1995 with the alliance of Myrkhaal and Namtar,
following their departure from Tenebrae, another black metal outfit created by Myrkhaal in 1993.
The "Empires De Glace" demo, was unleashed in 1996. 
In 1998 the band became a trio, with Alvater on guitars, Myrkhaal on vocals and keyboards and Namtar on bass and drums.
"Dans Les Bras Des Immortels" was released through Myrkhaal's own label Sepulchral Productions in 1999.
In 2001 they recruited Melkor as their drummer and started working on their next album.
Their second album “Hantises” was finally recorded in the end of 2003 and released in 2004 through Holy Records.
Since then the band has not given any sign of existence.


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