Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Anna Själv Tredje ‎– Tussilago Fanfara (1977)

Country: Sweden

1. Mossen 07:12
2. Ankomster Utanför Tiden 11:38
3. Den Barbariska Söndagen 14:26
4. Tusen År & Sju Timmar 08:14

Anna Själv Tredje were a Swedish electronic duo, that took their name from Leonardo da Vinci's painting
 ”The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne”, and released their only album, Tussilago Fanfara on Silence in 1977.
The duo consisted of Ingemar Ljungström and Mikael Bojen
The band obviously got their main inspiration from mid-70's Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel etc.
They also did several sessions for Swedish radio show Ton Kraft.
One track (Snöfall Och Daggyra Ur Daggfall Och Snöyra) from such a session 
was included in the compilation series ”Ton Kraft 1977-78”.
Their full Ton Kraft recordings serve as additional albums since they consisted of entirely exclusive material.
In 1980 in Göteborg the band got in touch with Älgarnas Trädgård and later in the 80's the bands merged
 and started Cosmic Overdose, that in its turn became Twice a Man.
The Memory link contains as a bonus the track "Snöfall Och Daggyra Ur Daggfall Och Snöyra".


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