Saturday, 13 December 2014

Stigma – Epitaph (Demo 1993)

Country: Greece

1. The Wept God (Intro) 02:50
2. Epitaph 07:19
3. Some Lines Shouldn't Been Crossed 05:04
4. The Dawn Of... The Undying... Lamentation - Outro 09:08

 Brothers Takis & Alexis Dalamitras formed Stigma in 1985.
At their first era they were playing hardcore / punk with Greek lyrics.
They released one demo in 1986 with Chiko on lead vocals 
and another one in 1988 with Kostas on vocals under the name of Στίγμα.
At the late 80's they did their first attempt and released their first song (Prisoned In The Guts Of Heaven
with English lyrics and with more thrash metal influences.
At the second era they changed their style in technical thrash-death metal style with English lyrics 
and their name also (same name in English).
At the year 1991, "Sickness Of No Survivors" was released and followed up by the mafnificent demo "Epitaph"
in 1993.
Later the band split up for some years and they re-united in 2000.
They continue playing as Στίγμα again this time, with Greek lyrics, and also changed their style again to hardcore / thrash.
Also in 2014 they released their first cd ever "Η Ελλάδα Δολοφονεί".


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