Saturday, 31 May 2014

Trial Of The Bow – Ornamentation (MCD 1995)

Country: Australia

1. The Two Sacred Tapestries Of Persia 05:43
2. Inverloch 05:58
3. From The Mountains Of Tangier 07:58
4. Ornamentation 08:08

Formed in late 1993 by Renato Gallina (percussion/vocals) and Matthew Skarajew (stringed instruments), 
Trial Of The Bow emerged from the city of Melbourne, Australia's heart and melting pot of all musical forms. 
While both members live and work in a metropolis, they strive to remove themselves and their listeners from this 
and transport them all to places exotic with their bared-down Eastern inspired music.
The band released their one and only full-length album in 1997 called Rite Of Passage.
The two members of Trial Of the Bow were also in a doom/death metal band called Disembowelment
that was active from 1989 to 1993, while Matthew Skarajew is nowdays a member of Inverloch 
(also a doom/death metal band) that was started as a project under the name d.USK.


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