Saturday, 31 May 2014

Taakeheimen – En Rusletur I Den Hedenske Vinterskogen (Demo 1995)

Country: Norway

1. Hvor Ondskap Rår 05:05
2. Svarteste Natt 05:30
3. Skogen Av Tusen Vintre 04:33
4. Naar Himmelen Brenner 03:00
5. Den Dystre Skogen 04:50

Not much is known about this Norwegian black metal band 
except that before vanishing into oblivion they released a demo that was recorded around 1995.
Their style is reminding the early releases of Satyricon (Dark Medieval Times era) 
and also a little bit of Ancient (Svartalvheim-Trolltaar era).
A few months ago finally i stumbled upon a picture of their demo on the net (even that was unknown).
I really have my doubts if this is the original cover but anyway 
it fits the content of the demo and helped me to make this post.



  1. Thanks, this should be interesting. I think someone has asked me for this demo at one point or another. Hopefully they find your post too.

  2. Hi!

    I actually played bass in Taakeheimen and wrote parts of the music. The band was started by a group of 4 close friends. For this demo, there is no cover. It was never released in any shape or form. I think it was a friend of us who ripped it and spread in to other friends in the Internet.


    1. Hi,
      as i stated on my post i had my doubts about the cover as it seemed more like a rough drawn that someone would have done just to mark his cover-less cassette than an official one.Also it was weird that this cover came to surface on 2014 because as i remember the demo is circulated on the net from about 2002-2003.
      Just i wanted to ask you if the release date is correct, also did the band released anything else?
      And finally do you know if any member of the band is still involved in black metal scene?
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi,

    Sorry for the somewhat late reply. The date is correct. We didn't release anything else. We did however record lots more on 4 track we had in our rehearsal place. We played live in various places in Stavanger, Norway back in 94-96.

    Three of us is still involved in the bm scene today in some shape or form, including me.

  4. ...about the title "En rusletur..." That is not coming from the band. We didn't have a title at the time.

    1. Well all these are very helpful info and thanks for your reply.
      Just wish you had continued or at least record something officially because judging from this demo your band had really high potentials.