Saturday, 31 May 2014

Strength Through Joy – The Force Of Truth And Lies (1995)

Country: Australia

1. The Force Of Truth And Lies 05:40
2. Master And Slave 05:00
3. Rosin Dubh 05:53
4. The Blond Beast 02:34
5. The Bridge 05:04
6. Absolute Power 03:45
7. The Force Of Truth And Lies (Instrumental) 05:33
8. A Grave For Burning Wings 04:03
9. Life's Absurdity 04:19

Strength Through Joy was founded in Adelaide, Australia in 1991 
by bassist Timothy Jenn and vocalist Richard Leviathan.
After cutting a short demo of dark folk material, the band wrote to Death in June leader 
Douglas Pearce to ask his permission to send a demo to him. 
Pearce responded affirmatively and then pointed out that he actually lived 
only a little more than 10 kilometers down the road from them.
Upon their meeting, Pearce agreed to produce Strength Through Joy’s first album.
In 1994, Strength Through Joy released a single on vinyl called Dark Rose that featured three songs.
Later that same year, Pearce produced Strength Through Joy’s first full-length album, The Force Of Truth And Lies.
The song A Grave For Burning Wings features Douglas Pearce that actually sings and plays acoustic guitar.
The band released their second album in 1996 called Salute To The Light before disbanding.
In 2000 Jenn and Leviathan formed Ostara taking their music towards a more pop oriented direction.