Saturday, 30 March 2013

Oracle Of The Void ‎– In Darkness Is Found The Greater Enlightenment (Demo 1995)

Country: Australia

1. In Darkness is Found the Greater Enlightenment 03:20
2. Bleak is the North (Look to the South) 05:46
3. Circle of the Unaccepted 03:51
4. Return of Ancient Ways 04:37

Oracle of the Void was formed in 1992 and in 1995 they released their first demo 
"In Darkness Is Found The Greater Enlightenment".
Between 1996 and 1998, two separate albums were recorded but never released due to unsatisfying production. 
The band decided to split up after the death of their bassist Balaam.
In July 2005, founding member Gamaliel resurrected Oracle of the Void 
and in 2008 their first full-length "Further Steps to a Perfect World" was released.
Finally Oracle of the Void was officially split-up in 2009.
"In Darkness Is Found The Greater Enlightenment" was re-released in 2006 on 10" vinyl by Obsidian Records.



  1. Oh I see you posted this one! Found my tape some time ago and ripped it. Is this ripped from the tape or 10"EP?

    1. This is the 10" EP re-released version.I also got the tape rip but i decided to post this one since it got a more clean(plastic-awful digital maybe?)sound.The tape version i got, the one that is been around the internet for many years, has a very good thick sound (still waaay better than the 10" version)but i remember that in the first track in 01:16 has a major screwed up for about 4 seconds.If your rip is good be sure Velkaarn that i'll be the first one to honor it :-). Amazing demo by the way...