Sunday, 31 March 2013

Popol Vuh – Nosferatu Original Soundtrack (1992)

Composer: Popol Vuh

1. Brüder Des Schattens 05:41
2. Höre, Der Du Wagst 05:58
3. Das Schloss Des Irrtums 05:35
4. Die Umkehr 05:56
5. Mantra 1 06:13
6. Morning Sun 03:19
7. Venus Principle 04:39
8. Mantra 2 05:20
9. Die Nacht Der Himmel 05:01
10. Der Ruf Der Rohrflöte 03:37
11. To A Little Way 02:32
12. Through Pain To Heaven 03:45
13. On The Way 04:03
14. Zwiesprache Der Rohrflöte 03:22

Popol Vuh was a German electronic avant-garde band founded by pianist and keyboardist Florian Fricke in 1969 
together with Holger Trülzsch (percussion) and Frank Fiedler (recording engineer and technical assistance).
The band took its name from the Popol Vuh manuscript 
containing the mythology of the Post-Classic Quiché Maya people and translating as "The Book of the People".
The first album, Affenstunde, released in 1970, can be regarded as one of the earliest space music works, 
featuring the then new sounds of the Moog synthesizer together with ethnic percussion.
The group evolved to include all kinds of instruments: wind and strings, electric and acoustic alike, 
combined to convey a mystical aura that made their music spiritual and introspective.
They created dream-like soundscapes along with psychedelic walls of sound, 
and are regarded as precursors of contemporary world music, as well of new age music and ambient music.
The band contributed soundtracks to the films of Werner Herzog, including Aguirre: the Wrath of God, Nosferatu, Fitzcarraldo, Cobra Verde, Heart of Glass and The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, in which Fricke appeared.
Florian Fricke died in Munich on December 29, 2001, and the group disbanded.
Nosferatu is the eleventh album by Popol Vuh and was released as the original motion picture soundtrack 
of Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht by director Werner Herzog. It was originally released in 1978 on Egg.



  1. awesome soundtrack for an awesome movie with an awesome woman co starring!

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  3. I must have this. Thanks Panacea!

    1. No problem Velkaarn, Popol Vuh was a great band!