Sunday, 31 March 2013

Mordor – Csejthe (1995)

Country: Switzerland

1. Bloody Comtess 19:25
2. First Birth Of The Cruel Nymph 04:30
3. Last Demoniac Invocation 07:41
4. Self Immolation For My Sweet Goddess 09:48
5. The Moment Of The Worship Of Total Evilution 02:19
6. In Search Of The Pure Negation 10:17
7. Agony: The Ascent Of The Mountain 13:52

Mordor formed in Switzerland by Scorh Anyroth and Dam Gomhory in 1990.
The band combines dark minimalist ambient doomy music with black death doom metal and 

industrial experimental music, always under their characteristic slow tempo.
They’ve released two demos, “Odes” in 1991 and “Csejthe” in 1992 

and also one 7'' picture disc called “Dark is the Future” in 1994.
In 1995 Wild Rags Records re-released “Csejthe” on CD format, with two bonus tracks: 

"In Search of the Pure Negation" and "Agony: The Ascent of the Mountain".
The band is currently working on new album as well on a split release.


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