Sunday, 28 April 2013

Helheim ‎– Jormundgand (1995)

Country: Norway

1. Jormundgand 07:48
2. Vigrids Vård 08:15
3. Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr 04:28
4. Gravlagt I Eljudne 08:46
5. Svart Visdom 09:08
6. Jotnevandring 02:26
7. Nattravnens Tokt 05:10
8. Galder 03:15

Pagan-viking black metal from Helheim a band that started in 1992, 
with V’gandr (vocals-bass), H’grimnir (vocals-guitars) and Hrymr (drums-keys).
They played in several festivals in Bergen just to get live experience from the start.
In the mid of 1993 Nidhogg (ex-Einherjer) joined Helheim, and in the fall the same year 

they released their debut demo simply entitled “Helheim”. 
The demo never made its way outside the borderlines of Norway 
as the band realized that the released material simply wasn’t good enough.
Soon after they started writing new and more innovative material for their upcoming demo. 

It was at this point Nidhogg left the band. In mid 1994 “Nidr ok Nordr liggr Helvegr” saw the first ray of light, 
and it was at this point that the German label Solistitium Records got in touch with Helheim.
The band signed a two record deal contract, and released their debut CD “Jormundgand” (The Midgard Serpent

recorded in Grieghallen in 1995, and followed up with an European tour in 1996.
After the return from the tour Helheim immediately started working on new material for the follow up

 “Av Norrøn Ætt” (Of Norse Lineage) which turned out to be very different from the debut 
despite for the fact that both were recorded in Grieghallen.
The band since then has released 5 albums.



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