Monday, 29 April 2013

The Call Of The Four Gates – Host Of Chaos (Demo 1996)

Country: Austria

1. Intro: Desecration (Initiationsritus) 01:23
2. Host Of Chaos 00:38
3. Into The Eternal Mist 09:14
4. Hyperion (The Mighty Satanic Moon) 09:45
5. Leader Of The Nocturnal Army 06:37

06. Untitled Track 09:42
07. Untitled Track 13:56

Dark Occult Black Metal from Austria. Formed in 1992, they released just 2 demos, 
Faturek - The Wolf” in 1995, and “Host of Chaos” in 1996. 
Their music was similar in to the Scandinavian black metal scene at the time, using mostly dark, 
slow to mid paced riffs and some subtle keyboards.
Reissued in 2005 with two untitled bonus tracks on the b-side which are included on the Memory Link.



  1. I had meant to rip this one too, but my dub was a bit screwed at places. Thanks to you no need to fuss over it anymore! :)

    1. I was searching the net for their first demo and the reissued version with the 2 bonus tracks but i didn't find anything.Also,i don't know the reason why, but there is a big difference in the tracks duration between the version i posted here and the info posted in the metal-archives.

  2. Well for anyone interested after doing a little bit of search i find out that the tracklist that i had posted was completely wrong thats why there was the duration difference with the tracks posted in the metal-archives.
    Metal-archives tracklist is the correct one with the right duration so from now on the Memory link is corrected with the right version plus the bonus tracks from the 2005 reissue.