Friday, 31 March 2017

Fatal Impact - Satan For Ever (1991)

Country: France

1. Sexual Ceremony 07:44
2. Dance Of The Death 08:37
3. Really Mad 04:43
4. Funeral Song 07:54
5. Cathedral Factory (Act 1) 05:59
6. Cathedral Factory (Act 2) 10:10
7. The Other Look 07:40
8. Sex In Fire 05:53
9. Le Mystique Pervers 09:17

Fatal Impact was a French project that was created by J.C. Dupuy.
The band released several cassettes from mid 80's to late 90's, 
some of them through the legendary Italian label Slaughter Productions.
"Satan For Ever" was released as a regular edition tape, limited to 200 copies as well as a tape in snapcase 
with J card with 11 inserts in black envelope and black cardboard box, limited to 100 copies.
Both versions were published by the French label Nuit Et Brouillard that has been active since 1990.


  1. me gustaba mucho eso, si.

    thank you very mucho.

    1. Eres bienvenido, y gracias por tu comentario!