Saturday, 1 October 2016

Con Anima – The Book Of Riddles (1999)

Country: Norway

1. Interludio I 01:29
2. Mindman 05:25
3. Interludio II 01:09
4. Eating Eyes 04:16
5. Interludio III 00:28
6. The Angel Of Melancholy 06:47
7. Interludio IV 00:44
8. Empyrean 03:38
9. The House On The Hill 06:31
10. Interludio V 02:13
11. The Riddle 05:01
12. Interludio VI 00:33
13. The Book Of Eibon 05:30

Con Anima was the brainchild of Stian "Culto" Johansen, once very briefly vocalist for Mayhem 
and also vocalist for Perdition Hearse and Shadow Dancers among others.
Johansen was one of the original founders of the infamous "Helvete" record shop in Oslo 
and previously the editor of the fanzine Sepulchral Noise
The band was formed in 1997 playing a mixture of gothic/heavy/doom metal 
and released a demo entitled "The Angel Of Melancholy" in 1998.
The same year they participated in the compilation "Saerpe Metal Union
that featured bands from the Sarpsborg area (together with Infernal, Soul Transition and Sunshine's Gone), 
and released their full length album "The Book Of Riddles" in 1999 through Scarlet Records.

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