Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nazxul – Totem (1995)

Country: Australia

1. Totem 03:30
2. Watching And Withering 03:14
3. I Awaken (Amongst Them) 03:56
4. Unearthed 04:53
5. Vermis Mysteriis 04:16
6. Hatred 03:25
7. Endless Reign Of Power 06:06
8. Distance Begins 05:14
9. Amidst The Flames 03:31
10. End 02:43
11. Eternum 29:53

Nazxul is a black metal band from Sydney, Australia that was formed in 1993.
In 1994 a self-titled demo album appeared through Vampire Records.
Their first album entitled "Totem" that was released in 1996 from the same label.
Further material was written, that produced the EP "Black Seed" in 1998
and late in the year they played live for the first time at a show in Sydney.
Later the band was booked to support Impaled Nazarene as a part of an Australian tour.
After playing a final show for the year all of their activity appeared to cease abruptly.
The band was not at an end however. Four tracks of dark ambience, 
recorded and were released on a split EP with Melek-Tha in 2004.
The same year, Nazxul regrouped with a new line-up and booked to tour with Dimmu Borgir 
but the Norwegian band cancelled its visit.
Several months later Nazxul undertook a tour with Adelaide based gothic metal band Virgin Black instead 
and after that they became dormant for some time since.
In 2008 Nazxul reformed and were listed as the national support to the Australian leg of Mayhem's tour, 
however this tour was cancelled.
The band completed work on the long-awaited "Iconoclast" album, first mooted in 1998, during the year.
Finally "Iconoclast" was released in July 2009 by German label Eisenwald Records.
In 2015, the band regrouped to begin work on a new album entitled "Sumus Inferno".

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