Saturday, 24 September 2016

Caspar, C.O.C. ‎– CHoCH - Chants Of Change (1994)

Country: Germany

1. Double Frida 05:06
2. Butterfly 06:47
3. Rings 06:16
4. Lofoten I 07:35
5. Lofoten II 13:27
6. BS 1 07:44
7. From Beyond 10:16

C.O. Caspar (born in 1936) lives in Berlin and Sweden as a datoist, conceptor, constructor, author, theoretician and xeroxer.  He works as a soloist, workshop organizer, actionist and musician 
with sound tools as installation, with projections and light art.  
His medium is the processing of concrete tones and noises by means of digital equipment.  
Sound is planned as scenaric tone and speech acts, and is spontaneously developed 
from the original impulses of the sounding body - also in cooperation with other players.
The sounding bodies consist of industrial material such as pipes, hoses, turbines, and constructions of metal, 
plastic, and latex hung on chains and, independently and by means of manual influencing, develop vibrating 
and sometimes chance dynamics in accordance with the qualities of the materials and construction.  
Microphone articulation is the human component.  
Inductive regulation of the torque controls turbines, drives membranes to rhythmic mega-frequent vibration, 
falling rising weaving vital intuitive bio-mechanoid vibrates roars the volume of the latex at 30-16000 Hertz.  
Metal hollow bodies, feedback systems, magnetic field sensors produce material tones, organic & acoustic feedback loops.  The audiovisual work is the result of the connection between mechanical & digital devices, 
offered as a sonic installation, as a performance based theatrical staging.
CHoCH - Chants Of Change was released in 1994 through Tesco Organisation 
as a limited edition CD to 1000 hand-numbered copies.

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