Saturday, 9 January 2016

Swartalf – Candles Burning Blue (1996)


Country: Holland

1. Invocation 04:03
2. Nervengeist 11:24
3. The Shadow Gods 05:59
4. Leviathan Rising 12:19
5. Tears On Shutters 03:43
6. The Heart 04:43

Swartalf was a project from Holland that remained somewhat of a mystery. 
The only known member was named Count Ycklagh
but it was believed that musicians from some famous black metal bands were involved.
A statement on the Phallus Dei Official facebook page appeared on 17 March 2015 stating: 
"Swartalf was Richard Van Kruysdijk's dark ambient project."
Richard van Kruysdijk (drummer/multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer) is most known 
for his work with German eclectic industrial band Phallus Dei and many other musical projects.
The debut album, "Candles Burning Blue", that released by Memento Mori in 1996, 
was an impressive combination of ambient electronics, neoclassical strings and a touch of droning riffing.
The second album, "The Golden Section", released in 2000, showed a more powerful sound, 
topped by crunching guitars and massive industrial metal percussion, combined with bombastic orchestral arrangements 
and gothic poetry recited by hellish male vocals countered by heavenly female chants.

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