Sunday, 24 January 2016

Potentiam ‎– Bálsýn (1999)


Country: Iceland

1. To Know Is To Die 11:34
2. The Pleasures Of Suffering 06:42
3. Voices Within 05:36
4. In Unity 03:53
5. Álfablóð 04:07
6. Látum Oss Biðja 05:37
7. My Journey Into Darkness 03:18
8. Sorcery 05:47
9. Flames Of Potentiam 05:26

Potentiam is an atmospheric-dark-black metal band from Iceland, formed in '97 when Eldur and Forn joined forces.
Eldur (Curse, Fortíð, Midnattsvrede) had been writing material for his band Thule which was formed in '95.
Forn started a project on his own in '96. Eldur joined him and few months after that, 
G.Ó. Pálmason from Sólstafir came along and Hel was born.Hel recorded 4 songs in a low budget studio.
Soon after that, Eldur and Forn decided to work together and form a project with deeper perspectives, 
thus Potentiam was given birth in September '97.
Ten tracks were written and recorded in a small private studio and released early in February '98.
The demo was entitled "Bálsýn" and was released in only 50 copies.
One of those copies went to Avantgarde Music/Wounded Love rec. and they showed interest and offered a record deal.
G.Ó. Pálmason joined again as a session drummer and their debut album, entitled also "Bálsýn", released in August '99.
After this release,a long dead period came along while Potentiam was developing and looking for a new drummer.
In '00 they finally found an drummer that joined in only for their next album " Orka I Myrkri " that released in '04.
Another long period was ahead for the band as they almost gave up hope 
of ever finding another new drummer on their small Icelandic soil.
It wasn't until in '05 that G.Ó. Pálmason joined the band once again and things started to look promising for the future.

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