Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Demonic – Lead Us Into Darkness (MCD 1995)


Country: Norway

1. Spell Of The Witchdemon 03:39
2. Unholy Gates Of Limbo 02:54
3. His Eyes Burns Hate 03:13
4. Når Mørket Faller 04:25

Demonic was formed by Witchdemon and Fiend in 1994 (Oslo Norway).
The band existed from 1992-1994 under the name Demonic Manifesto.
In 1994 Fiend helped Witchdemon to record, at Grieghallen Studio, three songs that he had written,
so the “Når Mørket Faller" (When Darkness Falls) demo tape created.
Their demo caught the attention of Necropolis Records which signed them for a MCD entitled “Lead Us Into Darkness”.
The MCD featured their demo plus a new track named "His Eyes Burns Hate”.
Demonic was going to release a split with Abyssic Hate but since Shane Rout (main man behind Abyssic Hate)

 didn't get along with Necropolis Records, and their terms,that never happened.
In 1997 they released their first, and final, full length album entitled "The Empire Of Agony".
Fiend also released a few extremely limited underground demos/projects 

under the name of Pest, Svartgaldr (with Carl-Michael Eide of Ved Buens Ende on drums), Slaktar and Nukleus.

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