Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tulus ‎– Evil 1999 (1999)

Country: Norway

1. Menneskefar 02:59
2. Tarantulus 04:44
3. Draug 03:01
4. Cyprianus 03:23
5. Dokkemaker 03:02
6. Salme 05:55
7. Blodstrup 02:14
8. Sjel 03:17
9. Dårskap Til Visdom 02:37
10. Kviteheim 03:46

Tulus is a Norwegian black metal band, formed in 1993 in Oslo. 
The band was inactive from 2000 to 2006 and members of Tulus went and formed the band Khold
After Khold went on hold in 2006, Blodstrup and Sarke resurrected Tulus
Tulus has a “fourth member” (Blodstrup’s wife, Hildr aka Hilde Nymoen), who writes all lyrics for both Tulus and Khold.
Evil 1999 was recorded at Panser Studio and its their third album.

Here the band offers well played Norwegian, mid-nineties style, black metal with some black ‘n’ roll riffs 
combined with a folk touch, clean vocals and very good audible bass parts.
 The lyrics deal with Norwegian myths, sagas, troll magic and witchcraft.



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