Sunday, 1 December 2013

Primordial – Imrama (1995)

Country: Ireland

1. Fuil Ársa 04:47
2. Infernal Summer 06:12
3. Here I Am King 04:27
4. The Darkest Flame 05:19
5. The Fires... 05:25
6. Mealltach 01:28
7. Let the Sun Set on Life Forever 04:27
8. To the Ends of the Earth 05:31
9. Beneath a Bronze Sky 03:28
10. Awaiting the Dawn... 05:00

Primordial is an extreme metal band from Skerries, County Dublin, Ireland. 
It was formed in 1987 by Pól MacAmhlaigh (bass) and Ciarán MacUiliam (guitars). 
Their sound melds black metal with Irish folk music and their lyrics deal with cultural heritage, history and struggle.
The band's roots stretch back to 1987 when Pól and Ciarán first began playing together with Pól's brother, Derek
The band (who were called Forsaken for a brief period) initially played a rough, hybrid mix of early, 
primitive thrash and death metal (playing covers of Death, Sepultura and the like).
Vocalist Nemtheanga joined the band in 1991.
Upon Nemtheanga's joining the band, the band started to pursue a darker direction citing influence from Bathory
Celtic Frost and the emerging Greek and Norwegian black metal scenes.
Primordial was the first black metal styled band to emerge from Ireland with the release of their Dark Romanticism demo 
in the early summer of 1993 (Cruachan were also active at this time combining black metal with folk music). 
The band initially came to the attention of Lee Barrett from the UK label Candlelight Records 
but he failed to move on signing them, so after a live soundboard recording from Dublin was sent to Cacophonous Records, the band signed with them for the release of their debut album Imrama.
The band has released 7 albums in total.


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