Friday, 6 December 2013

Adrian Carson – Clive Barker's Salomé & The Forbidden Soundtrack (1998)

Composer: Adrian Carson

1. Salomé 17:34
2. The Forbidden 35:40

In 1970s Liverpool, Clive Barker, together with a small group of university friends,
made two extraordinary avant-garde,obscure short films. 
Salomé (1973), based on the play by Oscar Wilde, and The Forbidden (1975-78), based on the Faust myth.
Both shorts feature early footage of Barker himself, who also did most of the special effects.
Doug Bradley, who appears in
Salomé as King Herod, went on to play Pinhead in the Hellraiser movies.
The discovery of these ealy shorts came about when an independent television production company 
interviewed Barker about his work. 
Clips were needed for the documentary, and so the task of restoring both shorts was undertaken.
Both films were released in a vhs format in 1998.
The dark-eerie music that haunts these films was composed by Adrian Carson,
who is more known for his music in many TV productions.



  1. very interesting, thanks!I just read that Doug Bradley will be Pinhead again in the Hellraiser reboot, yes!

    1. Yeah i know! Unfortunately Pascal Laugier (director of Martyrs) was dropped from the direction of the film.
      As i read he wanted a serious obscure film while the producers wanted it more commercial...pffff...
      Nevertheless we got Clive Barker himself for the direction, so will have to wait and see for the result.

    2. Well,let's be honest, it's not easy for Holywood movie studios to make obscure or weird films anymore, because of piracy.While piracy has not harmed the music quality nowadays(just the music industry), movies have a greater risk because of the huge budget a good production requires.Music and videogame industries have adjusted with this new reality(each in its own way),but movie industry is facing difficulties doing so.Anyway, i hope the final result will prove you wrong,haha.

    3. You got a point here and in parts i must agree with you.But lets face it the movie industry got what it deserved.Of course we cannot judge the quality of a movie based on its budget.There are so many good movies released today with small budgets.Look at the Hellraiser movies.The series did not started as a Hollywood franchise but as an English horror movie that viewers loved it.Of course Hollywood is Hollywood and they expect earnings and nothing more.But i think its time to dare for something new.A very good example is the new Evil Dead remake which i loved it and also the profit was good enough to satisfy the producers.As for the direction do not get me wrong i do not think that Clive Barker is a bad director (although he has not directed something for so many years) and in a bottom line who else could be better than the creator of the series himself?But to tell you the truth between him and Pascal Laugier yes i prefer the latter.Just a matter of taste.