Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sixteen Horsepower ‎– Sackcloth 'N' Ashes (1995)

Country: United States

1. I Seen What I Saw 03:21
2. Black Soul Choir 03:52
3. Scrawled In Sap 02:16
4. Horse Head 03:01
5. Ruthie Lingle 02:11
6. Harm's Way 03:20
7. Black Bush 03:16
8. Heel On The Shovel 03:11
9. American Wheeze 03:33
10. Red Neck Reel 02:41
11. Prison Shoe Romp 03:11
12. Neck On The New Blade 03:13
13. Strong Man 04:21

16 Horsepower was an American alternative country music group based in Denver, Colorado. 
Their music often invoked religious imagery dealing with conflict, redemption, punishment, 
and guilt through David Eugene Edwards's lyrics and the heavy use of traditional bluegrass, gospel 
and Appalachian instrumentation cross-bred with rock. 
For the bulk of its career, the band consisted of Edwards, Jean-Yves Tola and Pascal Humbert
the latter two formerly of the French band Passion Fodder
After releasing four studio albums and touring extensively, the group broke up in 2005, 
citing "mostly political and spiritual" differences. 
The members remain active in the groups Woven Hand and Lilium.
16 Horsepower are among the Denver-based bands credited for laying the foundation 
for what today has become known as "Gothic Americana".
A music video was made for the track "Black Soul Choir" directed by the Brothers Quay.



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