Monday, 28 January 2013

Equimanthorn ‎– Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (1994)

Country: United States

1. Reflections Of The First Rays Of The Moon (Possess Me) - Part I 03:01
2. The Cold Mystic Winds Of Nanakanisurra (Dwelling South In The Crimson Desert: Roba El Khaliyeh) 13:33
3. Augmn: Father To All 05:31
4. The King Of The Southern Throne 06:54
5. Thy Queen Ereshkigal (Truth Of The Sword Shall Be Known To All) 06:50
6. Reflections Of The First Rays Of The Moon (In Search Of The Shores Of Rays) - Part II 05:42

"The cold mystic winds of Nanakanisurra," a scarlet spell upon Prometheus and fervent candlelight 
are the doleful elements that brought Equimanthorn together in the year 1992. 
The members of Absu were determined to choose an alternate path. 
This pathway warped them through storms of occult sciences and the mythology of the ancient Sumerians.
In the past decade, Equimanthorn has manifested as a wayward project 
commanding the participation of other prominent occult-minded musicians. 
Through experimental and droned ceremonial oblations, the band expresses anguish and treacherous lust
without ever forgetting the ironic twist that endures in their craft.
Equimanthorn is a project that exceeds the limits of a category for their style of occult-ambient music. 
The elements, in which are used, might be labeled as ritualistic, mysterious, exquisite yet haunting to name a few. 
This is the ultimate soundtrack dedicated to Sumerian fables, featuring members from Absu, Equitant,  
The Soil Bleeds Black, Zemial, Melechesh, Eldar, Blutleuchte, Arkane, and Black Seas of Infinity.


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