Monday, 28 January 2013

Deviser ‎– Unspeakable Cults (1996)

Country: Greece

1. Stand & Deliver 03:52
2. Darkness Incarnate 05:52
3. Threnody 03:53
4. When Nightmares Begin 04:29
5. The Rape of Holiness 05:36
6. Ritual Orgy 03:24
7. Dangers of a Real & Concrete Nature 03:21
8. The Fire Burning Bright 03:56
9. In the Horror Field 03:06
10. Afterkill 01:20

Founded in 1989 in Crete and stamped by a primitive thrash/death metal style, 
Deviser moved to Athens in 1992 and attracted the interest of the underground scene with demos 
and a 7" EP in 1994, entitled "The Revelation Of Higher Mysteries" (Teutonic Existence Records)
A mini tour took place in Greece and Holland (Dec. '94) in the context of the promotion 
and in the next year, Deviser released "Thy blackest Love" demo. 
With this release, they signed up with the Dutch label Mascot Records for two full length Cds. 
Deviser recorded their debut album "Unspeakable Cults" at Praxis studio (Athens) in August/September '96.
This album dragged air into the burning lungs of black metal with a unique sense of extremity with dreamy melodies, offering melodic black metal with some atmospheric keyboards and the unavoidable Hellenic sound. 
The music is brilliantly composed, with a perfect mixture of aggression and melody. 
Another classic from the Greek scene.



  1. awesome album,in my opinion their sophomore transmission to chaos is even better than that.

    keep up the good work!

  2. For some unknown reason i didn't managed yet to listen to Transmission to Chaos.Maybe it's time to give it a try...thanx for the comment!

  3. This album has been one of my faves ever since I bought it at a local record store in 1996. Personally I prefer this to "Transmission to Chaos" but to each their own. It's a good album too but not as great as this. Same with "Running Sore" and the most recent one I haven't heard yet, should get off my ass and buy it.

    1. Having heard also Transmission to Chaos i must admit that i still prefer Unspeakable Cults but like you said Velkaarn at the end it's all a matter of taste.As for their latest releases i haven't heard any of them.