Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bal-Sagoth – A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (1995)

Country: England

1. Hatheg Kla 01:59
2. Dreaming of Atlantean Spires 06:15
3. Spellcraft & Moonfire (Beyond the Citadel of Frosts) 07:10
4. A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria 09:53
5. Enthroned in the Temple of the Serpent Kings 05:09
6. Shadows 'Neath the Black Pyramid 06:30
7. Witch-Storm 05:07
8. The Ravening 02:23
9. Into the Silent Chambers of the Sapphirean Throne (Sagas From the Antediluvian Scrolls) 08:27
10. Valley of Silent Paths 01:34

First album from Bal-Sagoth a band that incorporates Black-Death Metal influences and symphonic elements 
into an overall grandiose canvas, with the elaborate lyrics painting a picture of battles in an antediluvian age 
where Atlantis had not yet been destroyed and the continents were still joined in a Pangaean mass. 
A predominant feature is the use of epic keyboards played by Jonny Maudling who composes and arranges the music. 
The guitar, drums and keyboards work together as an integral entity rather like a symphonic work. 
The vocals of Byron Roberts are a mixture of spoken word and black-death metal screams 
making the songs more like stories set to music than anything else. 
Blodu Ok Jarna!



  1. Can you repost this one? The link is dead! Thanx

  2. The link is there is not dead.Try again.

  3. It remind me the Cradle of filth albums from the mate 90's with more death influences on vocals. Thanx

  4. I just came to realize I've heard this album only once back in early 1996 or something and for some reason never either bought it or had it dubbed on tape! I better check out why, didn't I like it or what was the matter. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Check this out Velkaarn.It was a very good release when it came out.Too bad their later works weren't so interesting.