Sunday, 11 March 2012

Necromantia – Scarlet Evil Witching Black (1995)

Country: Greece

1. Devilskin 05:49
2. Black Mirror 06:30
3. Pretender To The Throne (Opus I: The Usurper's Spawn) 05:27   
4. The Arcane Light Of Hecate 04:20
5. Scarlet Witching Dreams 05:23
6. The Serpent And The Pentagram 05:17
7. Pretender To The Throne (Opus II: Battle At The Netherworld) 07:50
8. Spiritdance 06:25 

Scarlet Evil Witching Black is the second album by the Greek black metal band Necromantia.
Recorded and mixed at Sin Ena Studio as the band states "No rhythm guitar is used on this album",
instead, there is an 8-string bass (by Baron Blood) that plays that part,
therefore you should expect a unique orchestration and strange sound 
as Necromantia has its own point of view about black metal.
Nothing of the grimness and coldness, of the typical Norwegian black metal can be found here.
Magus Wampyr Daoloth with his haunting keyboard melodies creates an evil atmosphere, 
inspired from classical and jazz music.
The use of piano, acoustic guitar and even a saxophone combined with the epic and violent riffs,
that varies from extremely fast to more slow and doomy, sets the boundaries of a brilliant album.
This is for sure Necromantia's magnum opus.