Sunday, 5 February 2012

sToa – Urthona (1993)

Country: Germany

1. Candide 03:27
2. Autumn 03:28
3. Infant Joy 02:45
4. Spin 03:31
5. In Memoriam 05:04
6. Stoa 05:53
7. Captivity 03:16
8. Dust 03:44
9. (N)Ever 03:57
10. Taumel 05:00
11. Hommage 02:10

sToa was founded in 1991. Olaf Parusel (composition/arrangement) looked at this time 
for a new way to connect his musical and philosophical thoughts. He found a voice in Conny Levrow
In the same year the first song "Stoa" was released on the compilation "From Hypnotic ... to Hypersonic".
Both members worked a lot in other projects in the years before. 
Conny played the violin for more than ten years and performed in many orchestras. 
Besides this she sang in some classical choruses and as a soloist. 
She is familiar with barock and romantic compositions like G.F. Handel, E. Grieg or Pergolesi.
Olaf was in his childhood a member of the "Stadtsingechor Halle" the oldest chorus of the world. 
Later he played in many musical projects and bands. He also composed for TV. He studied musicology and philosophy.
The CD "Urthona" (Hyperium) released in 1993. This was one of the most influential albums 
for the (from the label Hyperium so called) heavenly voices style.


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