Thursday, 22 December 2011

In Death's Throes – Infernal Deities Transcending (1999)

Country: United States

1. War 06:46
2. Civil Disobedience 08:24
3. Requiem II 08:53
4. In Celebration II (The Port) 10:12
5. The Drug 07:13
6. Where God Is... 13:48
7. The Ancient Ones 05:18
8. I.D.T. ~ Est 10:47

In Death’s Throes consists of Brian Sutter and Stephen Petrus (Murderous Vision).
Here you can listen deep layers of dark soundscapes, samples, low-pitched echoes - voices
and a good dose of darkness via reverb and minor chords.
Often very close to noise.All this presented in a very haunting manner.
Infernal Deities Transcending was released by Live Bait Recording Foundation.


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