Saturday, 10 December 2016

Tombstone – Under A Bloody Veil; Or, The Castle Of The Bleak Smiles (1999)

Country: Italy

1. Her Eyes In The Dark 03:17
2. Dying Of Grief 03:58
3. Through Mephitic Lands 09:36
4. The Black Wandering Knight 04:07
5. As They Walk In Sorrow 07:23
6. Across The Woods Of Legends 04:34
7. The Wan Statue 07:36
8. The Return Of The Monk 09:55
9. In The Forest Of The Omen 02:15
10. Haunting Bells At Midnight 02:34

Tombstone was a solo project from Cittadella, Padua, Italy, created by Emanuele Lago in 1993.
Lago has also participated in many projects like Alien Pathway 22, And The Posters

Crisantemo Nero, Immortal Agony, Kurai Keshiki and Lost Fairy Realm.
His music is a blend of experimental-post-industrial, noise and dark ambient 

with a gothic atmosphere inspired by old novels and tales. 
It could be called "gothic ambient", but it should not be mistaken 
for the typically keyboard-based works from other well known projects.
Terror and fear sonorities are created processing electrically natural noises and sounds, 

not taken from keyboards and neither following any musical composition theory nor using a sequencer.
The first tapes were industrial experiments rather obscure and perverse while the production of CDs 

were something original, both as background idea and inspiration and as sonorous atmosphere.
Most of the band's releases were issued by the Italian cassette label Psychotic Release that is run by Emanuele Lago 

and is specialized in industrial, ambient, ritual, and gothic music.
The label stopped operating in 1999 and restarted in 2012 to make CDRs and cassettes 
but only for Lago's and friends' projects.
Today the band is continuing under the name Black Mountains Chronicles.

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