Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tiermes ‎– Tiermes (1997)

Country: Finland

1. Unorganic Being 11:14
2. All Sources Are Yellow 05:13
3. Psilocybe Semilamceata 06:11
4. Owner's Channel 07:13
5. Here 05:31
6. Claritas 08:40

Tiermes is a Finnish experimental-esoteric duo project established in 1996,
by former Unholy guitarist and co-founder Jarkko Toivonen and Jussi Saivo.
By using various instruments and objects such as guitars, analogue synths, metal percussion and junk metal, 

they create an original meld of sounds taking its roots in ritual, industrial, noise and psychedelic music. 
Hypnotic and dense with overloaded basses and a strong old-school industrial touch.
Their self-titled album was released through the Misanthropy sublabel Elfenblut Records.


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