Monday, 30 June 2014

This Burning Effigy ‎– To Bestial Gods... (1996)

Country: Ireland

1. Lantern 01:52
2. Affliction 04:07
3. The Well 04:55
4. Thine Adversary 06:39
5. Flagellation And Dancing 06:08
6. Communion With Sophia 05:56
7. Her Own Volition 04:02
8. For Within This Journey 04:51
9. Amaunet (The Unknown Goddess) 04:35
10. Emeritus 04:26
11. Drowning The Veil 05:44
12. Cypher 03:50

This Burning Effigy were an Irish gothic rock band, originally formed in Dublin in 1993 consisting of members  
Phil Doyle (guitar), Stephen Carey (guitar and keyboards), Ger Egan (vocals), Micheal Cowley (bass), Brian Fallon (drums).
They recorded one demo "The Eternal Procession" with this line-up,before Doyle left the band.
The demo attracted the attention of record company Grave News something that led to an album deal with the label.
The subsequent album, "To Bestial Gods...", was recorded during 1995 at Sonic Studios, with guest vocalist Tanya Doyle.
In 1996 Cowley and Fallon left the band and the remaining members recorded two more albums, before splitting in 2001. 
Carey later formed the band The Eden House.


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  1. hard to believe this is 90s goth...the sound come straight from the darken 80s...