Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Paul Giovanni – The Wicker Man (1998)

Composer: Paul Giovanni

1. Corn Rigs 02:35
2. The Landlord's Daughter 02:37
3. Gently Johnny 03:32
4. Maypole 02:43
5. Fire Leap 01:26
6. The Tinker Of Rye 01:50
7. Willow's Song 04:40
8. Procession 02:15
9. Chop Chop 01:41
10. Lullaby 00:57
11. Festival / Mirie It Is / Sumer Is A-Cumen In 04:29
12. Opening Music / Loving Couples / The Ruined Church 04:13
13. The Masks / The Hobby Horse 01:25
14. Searching For Rowan 02:22
15. Appointment With The Wicker Man 01:18
16. Sunset 01:05

The Wicker Man is a 1973 British horror film directed by Robin Hardy and written by Anthony Shaffer.
The soundtrack was composed, arranged and recorded by Paul Giovanni and Magnet 

and contains folk songs performed by characters in the film (including some by members of the cast).
Magnet was formed for the purpose of recording the music to the movie.
The band was assembled by musician Gary Carpenter (the film's Associate Musical Director) 
and also featured Giovanni on guitar and vocals for many tracks and appeared in the film in various scenes.
The songs were arranged to hint at a pre-Christian pagan European culture 
and vary between traditional songs and original Giovanni compositions.
The instrumental parts of the score are based on traditional Scottish, Irish, and English tunes.
The soundtrack was unavailable until a 1998 release on Trunk Records of a mono album dubbed from the music 
and effects tapes at Pinewood Studios, from the shorter original cut of the film. 
It was not until 2002 that Silva Screen Records released a stereo version using cues from the tape held by Gary Carpenter, mixed with recordings from the first Trunk Records release.
A live performance of the soundtrack at the 30th annual Brosella Folk Festival in Brussels, on 8 July 2006,

 underlined the cult status of the film and its music.


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