Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Death – Leprosy (1988)

Country: United States

1. Leprosy 06:20
2. Born Dead 03:27
3. Forgotten Past 04:36
4. Left to Die 04:38
5. Pull the Plug 04:27
6. Open Casket 04:56
7. Primitive Ways 04:33
8. Choke on It 05:54

Death was an influential death metal band founded by guitarist and singer Chuck Schuldiner in Orlando, Florida in 1983. They released several demos as Mantas before changing their name to Death in 1984.
Death is widely considered one of the most influential bands in the genre. 
The band’s debut, “Scream Bloody Gore”, has been described as “death metal’s first archetypal document,” 
and Schuldiner himself as the “father of death metal”. However, Schuldiner dismissed such attributions.
After the album “Spiritual Healing”, Death began moving away from their early death metal sound 
and adopting more of a progressive metal style, with jazz-influenced bass playing and more complex time signatures.
Their last album, “The Sound of Perseverance”, was released in 1998.
In 1999, Schuldiner was diagnosed with a malignant type of brain cancer. In June 2001 there was an aid to help Chuck. There was signed Death merchandise which went for auction along with other bands merchandise. 
Despite the effort this was not enough to save him.
Chuck Schuldiner died in 2001, from a three-year battle with brain stem cancer and the band ended.
Along the way, Death included celebrated musicians from the death metal genre, 
including bassist, Steve DiGiorgio, drummer Gene Hoglan, and guitarist, James Murphy.

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