Monday, 27 January 2014

Mortuary Drape ‎– All The Witches Dance (1994)

Country: Italy

1. My Soul 06:22
2. Primordial 03:06
3. Astral Bewitchment 05:48
4. Funeral Chant 05:13
5. Larve 05:32
6. Tregenda (Dance in Shroud) 07:24
7. 13th Way 03:52
8. Intro (Chain) 01:26
9. Medium Mortem 04:12
10. Occult Abyss 06:56

It was 1986 when Mortuary Drape was founded by the aim of the central core of three people, 
one of which is still in the band (Wildness Perversion).
Music and trends that inspired the founders are from the 'black metal' style with an esoteric-necromantic influences 
both for the lyrics and for the stage design impact: they decided to baptize their style as 'black-occult metal'.
In 1987 they publish 'Necromancy', the first demo tape that got a great response in the underground scene.
During the period from 1988 to 1991 the line-up stabilized and their second demo called 'Doom Return' was released.
In 1991 they had the first contacts with labels (also foreigners) for a possible record deal.
The band made its debut with the first CD called 'Into The Drape' published by the Greek record label Decapitated Rec. immediately followed by their participation on the compilation 'Wine Of Satan
for the Spellbound (another Greek label) as the only Italian band on the LP.
In this period there was a sudden change in the band where the founder Wildness Perversion 
remained the only one with the double role of voice-drums. 
In 1994 was released the second record called 'All The Witches Dance' for the Unisound Rec.
Since then the band has released three albums and played in many metal festivals 
and in other important events in foreign countries and in Italy.


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