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Der Eisenrost ‎– Armored Weapon - Live Documents '93-'94 (1995)

Country: Japan

1. AW-225 02:45
2. Isolation 02:20
3. Sort Of Foods 03:36
4. M. D / D - 6 03:03
5. White Way Of Delight 03:25
6. Preamous 05:27
7. Paradise 03:32
8. Megatron 04:35
9. Wirerd 07:17
10. Cootys Rat Semen 04:40
11. Tyrants 01:10

Der Eisenrost (literally 'The Iron Rust') formed back in April 1993 
and is one of the premier industrial "Metal Percussion-Heavy Rock/Punk" units in Tokyo, Japan. 
They are best known for producing the film soundtrack for Shinya Tsukamoto's "Tokyo Fist" in 1998.
Lead man and innovator Chu Ishikawa is notable for the futuristic, often industrial/experimental soundtracks 
for independent film creator Shinya Tsukamoto.
Films such as "Tetsuo: The Iron Man", "Bullet Ballet" and "Gemini" rank among the best known.
Many of the members are also involved in the band C.H.C. System.

Der Eisenrost held several concerts and participated in a handful of festivals in Japan.
Also a live video, made by the technical staff of Shinya Tsukamoto, was released in 1995 in video tape format 
as well a live DVD, The Law of Causality, in 2005.
Armored Weapon (Live Documents '93–'94) was released in 1995 from Japan Overseas label 
and consists of live and studio mixed tracks.


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