Tuesday, 22 October 2013

TeHÔM ‎– Despiritualization Of Nature (1996)

Country: Croatia

1. Palingenesia G. 05:15
2. Aposbennuntes Tous Luchnous 04:27
3. Enantiodromia 04:25
4. Meta - Feeding 01:24
5. Endura 06:45
6. Bequest Of Decay 04:33
7. Allogenes 03:21
8. Despiritualization Of Nature 28:52
I - Influence
II - Deliverance
III - Sense!
IV - Sense?
9. Barren Allegories 05:33

TeHÔM is the Croatian alias name of the author Siniša Očuršćak
(professor of philosophy at Jezuit University for Philosophy in Zagreb, editor of the book 
"The mind-body problem in contemporary philosophy") and Miljenko Rajakovic 
(co-member on the 2nd Album "Theriomorphic Spirits", released in 2000).
The band was patronaged by Douglas Pearce of Death In June and his label Twilight Command 

under his well known New European Recordings (NER) and World Serpent Distribution, later Tesco Distribution
In 1996 with some of their friends they released their first album "Despiritualisation of Nature
and 3 years their 2nd album followed entitled "Theriomorphic Spirits". In 1997 Siniša died of cancer.
He was a front line soldier during the Croatian war of Independence. Speculation as to the cause of the death 
generally assumes that it was almost certainly the result of a war-related illness, but it was never confirmed. 
Their two albums are heavily influenced by the occult arts of which Očuršćak was a practitioner.
Miljenko Rajakovic aka Mary (his long year friend and co-member) reactivated TeHÔM

and has started working on a new material for the 3rd long awaited album.


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