Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Velvet Acid Christ ‎– Calling Ov The Dead (1998)

Country: United States

1. Phucking Phreak 07:40
2. Malfunction 05:05
3. Bsat2 05:37
4. The Calling (Fuck Shit Mother Fucker Mix) 05:22
5. The Dead (Death Wish Mix) 05:11
6. Timeless Visions 07:58
7. Pray For Life 05:36
8. Exquisite Stench 05:55
9. The Hand (Violent Trance Mix) 06:01
10. Zix Zix Zix (666 Mix) 04:49
11. Decay 04:37

Velvet Acid Christ origins go back in an 80's high school electronics class, 
where Bryan and Chris would debate the merits of Amiga versus Atari.
Bryan and Grigory Bilham (an early member of VAC) were at the time working in a punk/funk band,
 which, by 1990, was altered to the trio of Bryan, Chris, and Grig.
The band's name was originally Cyberchrist, although this was changed within a few months to Velvet Acid Christ
named (so they say) in honor of a bad acid trip. Grig left the band in 1992, leaving the core of Bryan and Chris.
In 1996 Disease Factory was still selling the old VAC cds and gave some to Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly 
(a big influence on VAC in the beginning days) which lead to the press guy on the FLA tour getting his hands 
on the first Between The Eyes four-volume compilation material.
The press guy was Thorsten Stroht (former Klinik vocalist) and at that time one of the main people 
at Off Beat Records in Germany. He fell in love with VAC and demanded that it be signed to Off Beat or he would quit.
That was that, record deal happened.
The first demo of the Calling Ov The Dead CD was rejected by Off Beat, this led to band fighting. 
Money issues reared it ugly head, and the band was torn apart again. One member left permanently. 
Disease carried on with others from the Toxic Coma line up 
to re-write half of the Calling Ov The Dead demo and turn it into what it is now.
The album features many samples from movies like: Se7en, Scream, Twelve Monkeys,  

Hellraiser: Bloodline, Assassins, Extreme Measures and also samples from the video game Harvester.  
Velvet Acid Christ is now solely Bryan Erickson.

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