Monday, 10 June 2013

Nosferatu – Prince Of Darkness (1996)

Country: England

1. Eye Of The Watcher 02:55
2. Ravage 05:21
3. Uninvited Guest 05:33
4. The Haunting (Main Mix) 04:58
5. Into The Night 05:35
6. The Passing 05:10
7. Graveyard Shift 05:48
8. Graveyard Shift (Outro) 00:33
9. The Haunting (Swamp Mix) 04:56
10. The Hunger 05:29
11. Invocation 06:18

Nosferatu is an English gothic rock band formed in March 1988 by Damien DeVille, Vlad Janicek, and Sapphire Aurora.
The band is considered one of the most successful second wave gothic rock groups.
Nosferatu have the credibility and good fortune of being one of the few UK-based gothic rock bands 

to receive chart success both in the UK and Germany.
The band has a repertoire of over 100 songs and have performed over 300 concerts in 14 countries.
The group has had numerous member changes. Damien DeVille is the only member to have been in the band all through its years history, and he has written a book about Nosferatu entitled "Vampyres Cry - The History of A Gothic Rock Band".
In 1996 "Prince Of Darkness" (named after the Hammer film "Dracula: Prince Of Darkness" was recorded 

and it was the first album featuring Dominic LaVey on vocals.


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