Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fire + Ice ‎– Gilded By The Sun (1992)

Country: England

1. The Horseman's Word 00:43
2. Long Lankin 04:51
3. Corpus Christi 03:57
4. Ljósálfar 05:26
5. Fire Above 03:03
6. Sir John Barleycorn 04:01
7. Blood On The Snow 05:15
8. Basilisk Abode 04:54
9. Gilded By The Sun 06:25
10. Long Lankin Threshing 04:18

Ian Read founded Fire + Ice in 1991. Gilded By The Sun is his debut CD, originally issued on Douglas P.'s NER label.
Read was already familiar to many for his work on Current 93's "Swastikas For Noddy" and Death In June's "Brown Book", later forming Sol Invictus with Tony Wakeford
The album is a mixing of some of Ian's songs with a selection of traditional folk songs. 
Most of them are acoustic based, with some exceptions. The music reflects Read's keen interests in magic lore, runes, tradition, renaissance medievalism, Nordic mysticism and other esoteric and occult mysteries.
His work as Fire + Ice have had a large amount of influence on neofolk music.
Some of those who have appeared on Fire + Ice albums are: Michael Cashmore, Michael Moynihan,
 Annabel Lee, Joseph Budenholzer, Douglas Pearce and Freya Aswynn.


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