Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brendan Perry – Eye Of The Hunter (1999)

Country: England

1. Saturday's Child 04:30
2. Voyage of Bran 05:33
3. Medusa 06:10
4. Sloth 03:32
5. I Must Have Been Blind 05:07
6. The Captive Heart 04:00
7. Death Will Be My Bride 05:46
8. Archangel 07:35

Debut solo album from Brendan Perry, best known for his work as the male half 
of the duo Dead Can Dance with Lisa Gerrard.
The album contained songs written by Perry and a cover of Tim Buckley's song 
"I Must Have Been Blind" from his 1970 album "Blue Afternoon".
Boasting lush production sensibilities and a boundary-defying spirit, Eye Of The Hunter offered
an immediate familiarity to fans of Dead Can Dance’s unique sound world.
But there were difference in the manner the music was made, and also how it was presented.
Eye Of The Hunter’s vignettes were written – crafted – using a more traditional singer / songwriter process.
The music, centered around Brendan’s thoughtful and restrained guitar playing, 
provided a backdrop for his deep, gentle vocals.
And while much of Dead Can Dance’s work eluded categorization, Brendan embraced it, making a folk record
in the truest sense: these songs, each one its own story but each also contributing to an overall theme,
 were rooted in his life experiences.
Dead Can Dance’s music often suggested a search for meaning and sense in the world, 
and Brendan has taken up a similar journey.
But instead of looking at the external world, he has decided to explore the inner world of his own private universe.
People have multiple personalities which are always evolving,” he says. 
This record deals with the different facets of my own personality.”
Eye Of The Hunter’s deeply personal songs explore the theme of loss, both of life and love, 
but they are not bereft of hope.
Recorded at Brendan’s Quivvy Church Studio in County Cavan in Ireland and released from 4AD.



  1. I know this one, but personally i preffer the last one "Ark"

  2. The first time i listened to this, i remember that it sounded rather strange to my ears. At least Perry had the courage to do something different than the usual DCD sound unlike Gerrard.
    "Ark" of course sounds more closely to the DCD sound.