Sunday, 13 October 2019

Azmodan – Evil Obscurity (1998)

Country: Germany

1. The Arrival 08:38
2. Hellbound 09:11
3. Evil Obscurity 04:15
4. A Bestia 06:57
5. Remember Them 05:56
6. Once Were Warriors 06:09
7. Signum Vitiosum Dance 06:23

Azmodan was a German melodic/symphonic black metal band created by Lord Azmodan (aka René Pfeiffer).
Lord Azmodan was also contributing vocals from 1998 to 2001 for the German death metal band My Darkest Hate.
Azmodan was created in 1996 and released two albums, "Evil Obscurity" in 1998
and "Of Angels And Demons" in 1999, both of them published by Iron Glory Records.
"Evil Obscurity" featured a full line up, with Lord Azmodan (Vocals, Guitar),
Andariel (Guitar), Vorax (Drums) and Mefastus (Bass)
while for the creation of "Of Angels And Demons" Lord Azmodan went solo handling everything, 
with only the assistance of Carmen Clark on female vocals.
A third album entitled "Everblasting" was about to be released in 2009 but this was never happened.

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