Thursday, 12 April 2018

Archaos – Vestes Terrae (1997)

Country: Romania

1. Intro 04:52
2. The Gods 03:32
3. Nulla Salus Bello 05:06
4. Samotrace 05:35
5. Neolithic 01:50
6. Oceanus (Part II) 00:48
7. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes 05:17
8. Untitled 00:51
9. Mystic Dark 04:21
10. Impavidum Ferient Ruinae 01:25
11. Vestes Terrae 03:06
12. Mors 03:28
13. Laudator Temporis Acti 09:15
14. Contempus 02:51
15. Ritus Cineri 02:15

Archaos formed in Bucharest in early 1993 by Dan Serbanescu (aka Vourckolakos) and Radu Nicolescu (aka Putrefactorus)
as a two man artistic act with both of them sharing guitars, keyboards, vocals, percussion, programming and effects duties.
The early period of the group had as a result the recordings of several demo tapes (about 12 of them) 

and the promotion of Archaos as a dark archaic mystic ambient/gothic/dungeon synth/dark wave band 
of the local scene inspired by the Mediterranean archaic spirituality and forgotten cultures.
The first official Archaos work was released in 1997 entitled "Vestes Terrae
and was promoted on national and international basis.
This album is mostly a compilation of tracks from the early demo discography of the group 
and was released by the well known Romanian label Bestial Records.
Also in late 1997 the band performed live for the first time.
In April 1999, a second album was released under the same label 

entitled "The Land/Love Obsession" and included two EPs dated 1998 & 1999.
"Centuries Of Obedience", the third album of the group has its beginning in September 1999 

and was released in May 2000 also at the same label and featured 4 long tracks of deep gothic/dark wave music.
In 2001 the band ceased to exist while Dan Serbanescu continues today with his other projects

(Divine Muzak, Tanz Ohne Musik, Alone In The Hollow Garden and ARM).

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